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Millions of children live with fear every day. 

Some places in the world are so dangerous that children and families awake each morning not knowing if they will make it through the day.  

Whole communities are displaced from their homes due to war and drought. Disease or conflict have robbed children of parents and loved ones. Many children suffer relentless hunger and the ever-present threat of violence. 

250 million children live in countries affected by conflict. — UNICEF, January 2016


You can bring hope.

Raw Hope donations help:

  • provide lifesaving essentials such as nutritious food, clean water, sanitation, shelter and basic household items

  • distribute medicine and healthcare

  • create safe places for children to learn and play

  • provide services and programs to prevent sexual violence and abuse, and support survivors

  • build long-term solutions to help make high-risk regions more secure and resilient

Help bring hope and relief to children living in the world’s most dangerous places.

Your Raw Hope gift ensures we can help bring immediate relief to children and their families and work toward long-term solutions in countries that are too unstable for child sponsorship to be established.



Where is my money going?

Raw Hope works in the most unstable areas of the world to provide protection and a chance of survival for the most vulnerable children and families.

Your Raw Hope donation will help supply immediate essentials like food, healthcare, education and access to clean water. Donations are also used for long term solutions that help build the resilience of families in unstable countries. Raw Hope works in Iraq, Afghanistan, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Syria.

Why can't I sponsor a child in these areas?

Raw Hope works in the most dangerous places where it is difficult and inefficient to establish child sponsorship programs. Before Raw Hope, World Vision had to rely on intermittent sources of funding which made it difficult to reach and support those most in need.

Am I able to select which country my donations will go to?

To be flexible and maximize impact, Raw Hope program experts use your monthly donations where most needed in any of the countries Raw Hope works in.

What will I receive as a monthly Raw Hope donor?

Every Raw Hope monthly partner receives a quarterly email with project updates and news on the impact made in the lives of vulnerable children and families.


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World Vision Canada anticipates raising $412 million in total revenue for its community development, emergency relief and advocacy work, of which approximately 15.9% will be used for necessary fundraising. In cases where donations exceed what is needed or where local conditions prevent program implementation, World Vision Canada will redirect funds to similar activities to help people in need. World Vision Canada is federally incorporated and located in Mississauga, Ontario. For more information, or for a copy of our latest audited financial statements, please visit our website at or contact Director, Supporter Care at 1 800 268-1650.