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The Matthew 25 Challenge is a week-long challenge that will help you, your family and your church step out of your comfort zones and engage in God’s love for “the least of these brothers and sisters” who Jesus calls us to care for in Matthew 25:35-40. Sign up today, and you’ll get one email a day over the next week with your daily challenge, impactful stories, and ways to pray and talk about Matthew 25 with your family.

You can also opt to sign up to receive daily texts by texting the code provided by your participating local church.

Tell us which church you would like to participate in the Matthew 25 program with?


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Can I participate by email and SMS?

Yes, however you must sign up by email using this form and SMS by using the code shared by your local participating church.

When do I have to sign up by?

You can sign up until 2pm EST on the Sunday your church has selected to start the campaign.  This will help ensure that you receive the full experience and all the digital communications.

What does World Vision Canada do?

You can learn more about World Vision Canada at www.worldvision.ca