Spring 2019 Update


Your generosity made these changes possible in 2018:

In Bangladesh, 850 people participated in campaigns to educate the public about child rights and safety

In Kenya, 21 children with disabilities were supported with medical care, accessibility upgrades and equipment

In Laos, 443 farmers received livestock, seeds or tools to improve productivity and help meet their family needs

In Nepal, 1,061 people learned about the importance of water safety, proper sanitation and hygiene to stay healthy

In Tanzania, 375 people are part of 15 savings groups, helping them meet their financial needs and access small loans

I’m happy here because you are here. The Child Friendly Space is here. I just want to play. I feel comfortable and happy and safe here with you.

I’m scared of the sound of military airplanes and the sound of bombing and bullets. It’s much better here.

I believe that people should love each other, help each other and respect each other. Something like that.

Hear from children who fled the dangerous city:

Through programs like Raw Hope, World Vision has been able to care for and protect some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Our Child Friendly Spaces provide a safe place for children to come to terms with the violence they’ve seen and just take time to play as children again.

An update on how your gift to Village2Village is helping to transform lives

You’re a vital part of  connecting communities to opportunities that enable them to experience life in all its fullness. 

Your ongoing support through Village2Village goes directly to communities, families and children where the need is greatest.
It helps us tear down the barriers that prevent progress in countries like Guatemala, Bangladesh, Kenya and more.

And it fuels our drive to continue strengthening relationships and forging new partnerships to make an even greater impact in the communities we serve.
Because of your involvement, we’ve already accomplished so much together. 

Thank you for helping to make a world of difference in these communities.

Watch and see how children like Vilda can pursue careers as skilled workers thanks to your support and government partnerships.

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Your gifts – offering brighter futures

Thanks to your ongoing generosity and the support of government and gift-in-kind partners, we are offering brighter futures for children everywhere we work.

Together, we’re turning collective Canadian power into global community impact.

Together, we've done so much.

Empowering moms for leadership: a recipe for success 

When nutrition experts struggled to connect with community member in San Pedro to improve child nutrition, we knew it was time to change our approach.  

We identified mothers with leadership qualities to help us reach out to other members of the community. But first, they needed to be equipped for the job.

Program participants didn’t just learn creative ways to add more nutrients to their everyday meals—they also learned valuable information they could use to prevent malnutrition. At the same time, they honed their leadership skills and by the end of the program felt empowered to share what they had learned with other mothers in the community.

A program that teaches moms how to make healthy meals like spinach nachos and veggie taquitos while developing their leadership skills at the same time—how delicious is that?

“I learned that there are some things I could do to provide better nutrition for children. Now I share my knowledge with my neighbours and other mothers from the village so they learn how to better feed their children and give them better nutrition.” –Maria Luisa, program participant